Content marketing strategies in the web shop

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Content marketing is the process of generating and sharing content that passively attracts potential users to regular customers.
This marketing strategy is popular with the opening of the web shop because it has long-term SEO benefits.
It also benefits users in front of direct marketing messages.

Continuous marketing stemmed from the need to offer consumers a better marketing offer in the sea of ​​commercials that are constantly bombarded.
Dilemma direct marketing has led to a rapid increase in content marketing, where companies publish articles and provide information for which users are genuinely interested.
It educates users and contributes to creating a loyal relationship with customers. When it is well and efficiently made, social networks can help it quickly spread among users.

Through content marketing, you can provide customers with the necessary information about products and services.
While providing them with the necessary information, you remind users of their brand. The success of this marketing strategy depends on:

a) Create content that people legitimately want to consume
b) effectively distributing content to be visible through organic search, social media or email.

Apart from the purpose users are familiar with your brand, content marketing should turn them into loyal customers.
You can do this in the following way:

• Provide users with useful content in which you are authoritative. For online merchants, creating an authority on the subject of their products creates a link between the buyer and the merchant. Refer users to a blog or some similar source of information on your web site.
• Educate them how they can make your product different. Through additional information and product pages, tell them what makes your offer unique.

You can publish content marketing in several different formats: written content, video clips, infographics, email.

Video marketing has dominated for some time now. A potent form that can easily convey to users how much your products have and how to make the most of them. Be sure to check the recommended length of videos for your industry.

Infographics is shared three times more on social networks than all other content, according to recent statistics. So for this reason last year, this form was distributed 800% more than other types of content. This means that the market is flooded with this form, so when creating infographics you should pay attention to being original, attractive and informative.

E-mail marketing is an effective way to connect and communicate the value of your brand with past and potential customers. It’s important to note that you should not use e-mail only for sales and promotional marketing. To build a recognizable brand awareness, do not forget to include different kinds of valuable content in your email campaigns.

There are quite a number of different types of content that you can put on your web site: various guides, instructions, e-books, tips. The point is not to overdo it with the means of communication – offer 2-3 main types of content.

The length of content in ecommerce in B2C stores is shorter forms. While B2B stores prefer about 2000 words, initial content in B2C stores requires 945 words (according to some surveys). It is stated because the content is much more consumed by mobile devices, and smaller content is easier to eat on smaller screens.

Interactive content, such as webinar, quizzes, calculators, virtual tours and the like, has 47% more views than other content on the web site. It stands out more and is more useful than the rest of the content, so it is not surprising that it is being reviewed in such a large number.

The main question that you need to ask before starting to create content in your web store is: what kind of content do I create in my web store. You can also invite your users through surveys, check out the competition, and come up with ideas through your own experience.

There are frequent situations where users only explore specific topics without the desire and need for shopping. When you notice your content at such a stage and begin to follow you, sooner or later you will come to your product as they have already created a positive image of your brand. Then you won the customer thanks to a well-executed content strategy.
Finally, follow the performance of your content strategies and customize them to your audience. Because analytics tools do not only serve to check revenue. Contact us with confidence!

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